Monday, August 31, 2009

oh meeeOW

Wow, haven't I been consistent! Okay, no not really.

I've been writing a lot, if you must know. And racing around, looking after The Children as they have come to be known. The Little African Baby (because he's scrawny with a bulbous tumtum) has been giving Buttons, Princess of the House, a good work out.
This also means that they eat a FUCK LOAD.
I swear! Never in my life have I seen cat food bowls empty for most of the day!
(Cats pace themselves and eat bits of food throughout the day. It's only empty like, right at the end of the day)
But since Fishbone's arrival it's like, GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE! MOOOOMMY! MORE FOODIES NOW!


Also, I have found a couple of new pet peeves to whine about to you!
For some reason, the SMRT Terrorism Threat advert's started bugging me LIKE MAD. It's so incredibly stupid! And I will tell you why I think so too!

1) They create a template of what "suspicious" looks like.
ie; shuffles around, looks nervous and moody. Carries backpack/haversack/huge bag.
hmm let's see, who looks like that?
Oh I know! ABOUT ALL THE POLY STUDENTS! Who, coincidentally, also use the trains a lot. Do they not have huge backpacks (if they're not carrying a laptop case?) Actually, they often do have huge bags even if they DO carry a laptop case.
They also shuffle around, why? BECAUSE EVERYONE HERE SHUFFLES AROUND! NO ONE LIFTS UP THEIR FEET TO WAL ANYMORE. (counts for secondary and JC students as well)
They look nervous, why?
Because they've got tests and shit to finish up and rush and.
okay, I'm going to stop because it's not just Poly students who fit this description.

My point is, you cannot define suspicious-looking. And by doing so, you've given people a sketch of what to look out for.
I'm not saying that your message is not important. Of course it is! We all know how real terrorism is. But if you realize, a lot of the people who blew up innocent commuters were very nonchalant/ normal / unsuspicious-looking!

2) "The bag is big and heavy and bulky."
Oh really, Miss-I-have-awful-teeth-and-am-incapable-of-speaking-properly! HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE DAMN THING. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IT'S HEAVY?
You must be an ACCOMPLICE!


Of course the other bits such as how to exit in an orderly manner and who should stay behind or go first, all those make perfect sense.
The front part's just stupid. Douche.

Another new thing I'm getting incredibly irked by is:
Lady Gaga.
I'm sorry, I do not believe she can sing. I think she can dance pretty well. But I think she's fucking strange and she tries to freaking hard to be different.
I'm not the biggest fan of looking like the rest of the turds on the shelf, but I think when it's very obvious that you're trying too hard, then it's very sad.
Very sad indeed.
But it explains her Paparazzi song I suppose.
Furthermore I don't think she can sing.
Ohoh! Do you know what she said?
"I think celebrity tweeting is stupid. It takes away the aire of mystery."
You know, because her swimming costume-looking costumes hide so much more than other people's tweets.

Lets see, what else have I been irritated with recently?
Oh nope, nothing else that's been irking me as much as those two! Teehee!

Other than that, Singapore's been a lovely lovely green country. I wonder how they keep it so green here! Oh wait, that was mould growing on the underside of a discoloured shoe.
I've been a happy sod, a happy slob. too much of both actually.

There's all this schoolwork piling up and Lord knows, I am not ready to take on the world.
Lots have been happening, at the same time. The grampsies are in town. I've been hearing out their longterm plans for us, although they admit that ours might differ slightly.
Then there's planning stuff that I don't feel like planning out, chasing after the adorable furry children and generally, just trying to catch my breath.

I think I need to go for a swim this week, clear my head and stuff, y'know?
Does wonders(:

Oh yes!
It's Teacher's Day! Yay me!
My RVH kids are the most ADORABLE bunch in the world! They asked if they could pass me a teacher's day gift this week. teehee:D
I'm so proud of them at the same time, they're just amazing and brilliant and smart! aaaaahh!
There I go again!

I'm off. I did say I've been incredibly tired, didn't I? My eyes are actually half closed right now.
No kidding.
Night y'all.

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