Saturday, August 15, 2009

These are my babies

Jie jie Buttons seems to have decided to tolerate her last bit of personal space being invaded.
My older one is such a darling!

My two babies and their brightly lit eyes
Fishbone, dozing back off to sleep.
They are such such SUCH darlings.
Nevermind having a new baby, how is jie jie going to be when we move away? ):

They're lovely playmates with each other. and when they sleep, they sleep together.
They eat out of each other's food bowls, share the same water. And they both wait on the other side of a closed door for each other.

Look! Fishbone has his tiny scrawny leg sprawled over Buttons' thigh.
And they keep getting cuter by the minute! Right now, Fishbone's scrawny leg isn't sprawled anymore, he's curled up with his paw over a wee bit of Buttons' arm.

These are my babies, guys. These are my two adorable babies.

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