Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's softer than sponge?*

My two babies, fast asleep. This is just SO aww-worthy!

So yes, Buttons is now an older sister to a baby brother called...
wait for it

wait for it...

(Tulang Ikan!)

He's such a darling, curling up in the crook of my neck or in my arm at night. He's also officially litter-trained! Not like Buttons' floor-pooping and scratching her way to China through my bathroom floor. He uses the lavender scented sand that I bought(:

So Buttons is nicely settled with having a wee brother, but she gets a bit territorial over her food. Because sometimes she ends up eating out of his bowl when he's stuck his face into hers.

I love Fishbone very much of course, but I'd really like him to have someone who will devote their complete and utter attention to him. So I'm going to be grossly picky with potential new mommies for him.
If ever.

Buttons looked a tad bit sad today when I had to lock him in the loo for the last time (it's called toilet training).
They spend their days chasing after each other. Sure is a funny sight when Fishbone, about as long as Buttons' tail, starts doing the chasing. most of the time, he actually does.

anyway, whilst my wee darlings are asleep, I'm going to entertain you with a couple of vids!

*to get the answer to my riddle, CALL ME NOW.
No, the answer is NOT my fluffy kitties

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