Monday, September 14, 2009

it's a long long time til morning, so build your fires high

It was a lovely lovely weekend although it did start out with a tonne of running about like mad.
But it was relaxing because it was as far away from city life as you could possibly get.

The september holidays weren't much of a holiday, to be honest.
Especially so because the whole second half of last week was spent working and then we're back into work this week after the weekend. I'm not complaining, because it was like that for everyone else at work too, but you know, it wasn't a holiday-holiday.

We've begun on the beginning of the end which is the beginning of new beginnings and you must know that I am secretly trying incredibly hard to flummox you with beginning to begin on a large rant about beginning of endings and beginnings of beginnings.

What this means, in please-talk-to-me-like-a-human-bean-language is (side note: I think the phrase human bean *derived from Singaporeans funn pronunciation* is quite funny because you're either a human or a bean you can't possibly be both can you?) digression over! where was I?
Oh yes, in Human Bean Language, this means that we've started grading the kids and started buying foodies to give them when we say goodbye and promise to never see them again. Although that promise might be broken because we'll see them again when they're all grown up and we'll be like, "Lord boy! How's you get so darn tall?"

The beginning of beginnings is this:
I'm working on two new plays now! YAY ME!
As i've probably ranted about before, I've been missing acting like a whoooole lot. One of my major projects this year was Safeville and I absolutely loved it.
But I haven't done stage in a while and I'm just insanely in love with the stage and theatre productions and lights and sound and beginning a talking tree! So I've been getting awfully homesick): poor me!

But weeeeell, I've started working on one with Hougang care Centre. If you're wondering why that sounds familiar, it's because it's a rehab centre for clients fresh out of Institute of Mental Health and my mother works there.
In fact! She's in on this too! She's the protagonist and I am the anti-protagonist.
I am acting as her daughter! TAH DAH.

As all their scripts are, this is based loosely on a true story. This time however, it's a bit sadder than the others. Not because the patient (played by mommy) never gets well but because you see the strain on the family and how it really reaches into your gut and rips out all that you have inside you.
Playing the daughter is difficult with mommy acting as my mother. She plays the part so beautifully, heartwrenchingly that you just feel like such a wretch, yelling at her like that. It always comes with emotional drainage, I'll admit.
But I am always sure to hug her right afterwards and cuddle a bit(:

So we're getting along slowly, but surely. In fact, I've to go off for rehearsals later. Although I'm quite tired and I was running a temperature all through class this morning. (It was very bad actually)

I'd best be off now! Want to squeeze in a wink or two, a smoke or six and a couple of drinks. Or a couple dozen.
Plus, I am very full of shit! Like literally!
I need fibre.

cheerio darlings!

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