Saturday, December 4, 2010

ShayShay CooLay

But I will call it "Geez Louise" after the guy I learnt this from.
Now that is some awesome shit right there!

I am so. frikkin'. knackered! I'm excited and absorbing like a sponge and have been absorbing like a sponge.
But bloody hell, I am knackered.
Productive, and pleased with that productivity.
But knackered.

I was up at like six in the morning. Said my Hellos on the phone and then progressed to chatting online (the first in a week. I don't know why we didn't think of it before. hahaha)
So chatted, in the early morning cold with my hoodie over pink jammies.
The top half of my jammies is a spag top. Gee, betcha couldn't tell I came from a hot country!
After the chat died (I think she fell asleep or closed the window or something), I made breakfast for Joejoe, having overheard that Aunt Phin was leaving him to do breakfast.
Then I figured, what the hell right?
And made breakfast for Jacq too.
Warmed me up a pie and made coffee from concentrate, courtesy of Lee's. Like how much lazier can anyone get hey?
Like I said to Joe, I'm way too lazy to make food for myself. Or to eat for that matter.
Don't you ever feel like that? Like, ugh, if I'm going to eat I'll have to sit down at a table or sit down some place and eat and ugh.

Which probably explains why that was the most solid meal of my day (at 7:25am) right up til an hour and a half ago? (That'd be 9:45pm)
I did have a banana at like 10:15, right after Daily Actor's Workout though.
That totally counts.

So yeah, I just got back like, ten-fifteen minutes ago.
That's a long time to be out, is all I can say.

Dinner was Armenian with my aunt at her friend's food joint. He's real nice and the food is fuhreaking awesome. Kid you not!
One of my aunt's friends asked about my acting class and how it went. And I told her a wee bit about some things. Not the acting classes themselves but the overall idea, from my point of view.
Yeah, my aunt was just smiling and nodding and I knew I'd lost her ages ago (well it IS pretty late, and my shit's really not that interesting. It's always like that with us all, no?)
So I went like super apologetic about boring them half to death and she (aunt's friend) goes,
"No no, I was listening it was interesting. I really like your accent, I could listen to you talk like, all day."

And I just thought that was really funny.
Especially after Meesh just told me my accent was hot and that how,
now that he's officially no longer a student of The Acting Corps, that he's allowed to flirt.
Which I found hilarious.

The Works-In-Progress tonight was good. In terms of perspective, checking out where these actors stand, and the feel of the products of the school.
I was supposed to catch Black Swan with my classmates this afternoon because like, hell,
we had a (cuss-word removed. Geez, stop bloody swearing C) whole load of time. Supposedly anyway, before the Works-In-Progress, which started at 7pm tonight.
the eager-beavers that we all were, we went off right after class to go rehearse with our scene partners!
So Tony and I chucked ourselves into the Main Theatre. Our shit's tight.
Simple, but tight.
I want to play with it a whole lot more, but I need to give up my director/teacher chair.
No, really.
It's actually a rule in Corey's class (Corey Sorenson does Scene study with us and the point is not directing each other).
Which makes a WHOLE lot of sense, but I need to sit back more.

I always tell my kids to trust right?
Trust and trust and trust.
Trust that your partner can and will pick up your shit for you. Trust yourself to trust yourself, and trust yourself to trust your partner.
And so, I do that. I do.
But it's a wavelength thing sometimes too, I think. Having come from different backgrounds and such. Don't get me wrong, it's super fun working with Tony.
But we're both super easy going and laid back and so, I need to actively refrain from making suggestions and outright ideas as opposed to saying, "Let's explore..."

Okay. I am so fucking tired that my head is spinning and my feet hurt and I cannot, even see.

On a random note,
I'm really really happy.
And I keep getting told that by people too.
I did a load of writing, and have been getting some me time. Not a WHOLE lot, but decent.
I walk down the streets with french songs/ Sara Barilles in my ears and find myself smiling a whole lot.

Uhm, I suppose I could do without the odd cyclist and his "How's it going?" and then continually looking back at me as he cycles away, and even at the stoplight.
Like I mean, some people lean out their car/truck windows to whistle or yell out, and that's fine because like, I feel like they're on the road and I'm on the pavement and it just doesn't feel too uncomfortable. No, I don't always look back at them, but I guess I feel safe cos it's not like they can swerve in the middle of the road to come to my side and be all up in my face.
But bicycles are a different story.
It was just a once off, but I was a tad uneasy.
I also think it's weird and kinda funny when people make a passing remark when I'm supposed to be out of earshot, except I'm not. Then I'll just laugh inside and keep walking.

On another random note,
I bought mommy's Christmas present today. And I gave it to her today too^^

Okay. this screen is turning into a mass of fuzzy grey.
I shall take my leave now.
Up for a long walk tomorrow morning, and San Diego on Sunday.
Then it's back to work.

Shayshay Coolay indeed!

On yet another unrelated note,
I do hope someone's exams aren't going to badly!
Channelling good vibes!
goodvibesgoodvibesENERGYgoodvibesgoodvibesBEEGHUGgoodvibesgoodvibesCONFIDENCE goodvibesgoodvibesRANDOM MARSUPIAL!(:

December 3rd 2010, Friday

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