Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Vigil

So I went, feeling severely underdressed. But I didn't get frowned at, and I pulled a cardy over myself so it wasn't too bad on that end.
I really liked it, I must say. Not the not-getting-frowned-at-bit, although that did help.

I've never been for Easter Vigil before, or sat through baptisms and paid attention, for that matter. There are always points where one finds oneself switching off, or sinking in one's seat.
Didn't happen. I really liked it(:

Dinner was amazingly late, but I think not having the sense to go to the teller's earlier added to that. (I will tell myself off for being such a procrastinator, later.)

Yes I like Easter Vigil, but I think there was a whole lot of things that came with it that I really liked as well. I don't have extended discussions about my faith very often. When it comes up, my opinions, takes and beliefs, yes, but it's hardly ever a two-person conversation now is it? But then it was, and that was interesting.
I think we often find ourselves talking about pretty interesting things. Things I can go back and chew on and mull over for a bit.
There are a lot of things that are different, in a lot of ways. None of them bad, just different. And the finding out is always the fun bit- about whatever topic it is at hand, last night's mostly being church/the church/churches.

It was a lovely Sunday morning to wake up. I gave CMC a miss, seeing as I wasn't very close by, and, our last time-check having been 3:54am (time-warp much?), I wasn't keen on waking up at some nonsense hour.
On weekends, I find that I am rather taken aback by how bright it is at 7 in the morn.
Anyhoosies, we lazed and slept in. Although I lie when I say "slept in" because no, sleeping in til eight or nine isn't really sleeping in.
Sat around with Erika's folks this Easter Morning- there's this very nice and comfy sort of routine-like vibe that they tend to give off. They are the epitome of parents on a weekend morning, and it's amazing and super refreshing.
Don't get me wrong, I love my functionally dysfunctional family in all the ways possible, but I haven't felt that sort of homely, family-type ease since, Good Lord,
the first flat we rented when we first got to Singapore.
It's nice.

I went to Church with The Little Creature. It was nice. Said Hellos and Goodbyes, talked briefly about Sabs' wedding in October. I'm a bit scared, but I'm not going to talk about it.
The Little Creature and I had some time together in the area close to home,
I had a productive rest-of-the-Sunday.

Not bad for Easter I say!
They do say, it's New beginnings, no?

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