Friday, April 22, 2011


it's always easier when it's starting out. When it feels like you're not trying. When the world is difficult, but ignoring it is easy.

stacks of photographs are nice to hold on to. And hand-written letters.
And memories of days that emptied itself out, giving way to quiet conversations by the beach, or sunsets or just, afternoons of nothing.
Oh the loveliest somethings that came of nothing.

it's really easy to go through archives and think, "it was simpler then". And things change, but the best part (albeit the most difficult part) is navigating those changes and ups and downs together.

it's easier to hold on to what you had as opposed to what you have. What you have now and here, and what is just as lovely, different as it is.

there're always going to be rainy days, we're not always going to remember our brolly- and in the process of trying to figure out what to do, we forget the fun of standing nose to nose in the downpour and getting soaked to the skin.

I'm still terribly, incredibly, impossibly, completely and utterly in love with you. I like what we've got, how it always falls into place and how there is not one bit, not even the tiniest bit that I'd change about us.
And this is what I stayed for, what I wanted to stay for-
To learn and try and bump into corners. To grow, and change at the same time.
To fumble along, not always knowing quite where we're going, but finding the joy in getting lost together.
To bicker and fight, kiss and make up.

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