Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In front of the CYC

There is always some kind of down-side to even the best of what you do.
With working in this line, there are always the pieces to pick up once production has wrapped.
Most times, you need to deal with your own post-production blues.
Some being worse than others.

There is life to catch up on, breaths to take,
and a stream of afternoons where you will find yourself at a standstill and going,
"why aren't I in the middle of a rehearsal?"

I'm not there yet.
I'm quite intent on finding time to just catch my breath, and stop running off at the drop of a hat, or the moment my blackberry vibrates.

Happy as I am to just, be able to stop,
there's always post-production blues.
It's already hit a couple of us, I'm wondering how bad it'll be for me.
Maybe it'll be easier this time round.

Can't quite tell yet.

I'll just focus on catching my breath first shall I?

there are people to thank-
not just the cast and crew of all the schools, but family, friends and significant others who've found themselves having to take a step back as the hurricane that is SYF unleashed itself on all of us.

It hasn't just been the Directors or the Actors or the Crew that's been in this, it's everyone around us as well. It's taken a toll on everyone and everything.

I think yoghurt and playground time has been put on hold long enough.

come on and take a bow

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