Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stepping into the Everyday

Okay so that's weird. The two-liner that was posted a few posts down, at 3:17am apparently, I didn't post that.
I mean.
I've written it and posted it before. But I don't know what it's doing popping up now, a few months late.
How bizarre.
My blog reblogs itself.

Bird's left.
I had some alone-time at the airport.

I'm glad I had some alone time. Even though she told me to come home, and I sorta misread that and missed out on coming home and cuddling up. Because alone time is good.
I think I might be weaning myself off this breakfast and grey's thing in the mornings. I appreciate it more when it's a few times a week versus every weekday morning.

I need to leave for work soon.

For some reason, this morning feels like stepping out of an escape and stepping back into the world. But it also feels like I'm stepping back into my world because it's easier to hide like that.
And it is.
The teacher in charge said it was a beautiful script.
And today will be the last chance I've got to do as many full runs as I can.
We're complete. They just need to be ready for Monday's performance.

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