Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You're butterflies on my skin

So I officially spent the best part of my Wednesday (and by best part I do mean a few hours) stuck on someone's Tumblr.
He is FTM, and gawd he's cute.
Who writes now and then, has pictures, is in love with himself (or so it seems) but on some level, there's this bit about him that just, doesn't seem so bad.

No, I do not, and will not follow him because frankly, I don't want to have porn on my dashboard. I did my fair share of yelping, cringing and hurriedly scrolling through gifs today.

People are interesting. And people like this person I've come across, just remind me how interesting I find people. I don't know what it was for sure that had me continuing to read despite my distaste for most of the content.

In any case, I'm off it now.

I sorta wanted to talk about it though. Maybe because of all this talk about violent sex.
I get it. As in, I get why people would, and people getting off on pain.
I get that it takes a whole lot of trust. I get that sometimes people are caught in that in-between, that line drawn in sand between way too far and you're pushing it. I know of people crossing those lines because they want to, and some who want to always be pushing boundaries, but don't really want them to be crossed.

But I also know that it takes a whole lot more trust to let someone to love you.

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