Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Maybe you could learn to like me too! Hang me in the bathroom?"


Something hurts when I swallow. It's in the right side of my throat.
I fell on my left ankle yesterday, during a performance, and sprained it.

teehee, sorry. Just counting my hurts (like I do with my bruises). It's a good thing, really.

And oh, she drove me quite mad today, and for the first time. It irritated me so and sapped the energy from everything else we had to do afterwards. I think you ought to be more considerate, more professional, less like a fourteen year old brat who can't take getting your cues wrong.
But you know, maybe you wouldn't be getting your bloody cues wrong if you put in more effort love.

okay! rant over!

The day's been alright.
I went back for Founder's Day and loved it. The singing, the vibe, the saying hello to teachers who, my word, still remembered my name! Talked to Mrs Lee and Ms Yoong, and had a bit of a laugh, thinking about the terror that was me.

I love PL, truly I do.
Because it shaped me in more ways than I could've ever imagined. It's just a shame that I didn't appreciate what I had. I mean, I know I had to leave when I did. But if I'd been less distracted, I'd have graduated side by side with my best friends in the entire world.
It's the only thing I've hated myself for missing out on.

Nonetheless, the way my life's turned out isn't half bad. And I like it, no wait, love it just the way it is.

I finished Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Acts today. It's one of the really good ones, save for the personal life of the protagonist. Bit fucked, I think. But I might just understand when I read it the second time round.

Ought to get off my ass and sign up for driving. Since I've already gotten off my ass to get it whooped over the next couple of weeks.
I'm happy and excited because of this thing that I feel committed enough to put myself through. I hope it works out, I hope I can cope. teehee!

Then, my schoolwork, my grades.
An 82 isn't even remotely as high as it sounds and Lord, am I frustrated. Ever so frustrated.
Oh, so much to do.
I wish I could disappear into all the rehearsals and lines and sets without having the baggage of school weighing me down like bricks.

But then, I need to get somewhere with all of this, don't I?

I'm going away for a while.
Horse-riding, shopping, possibly lying around on a beach.
My word, don't I love getting out of the country.

These last three months of the year are like, the favouritest but also, quite nightmarish at the same time.
blah, freaking blah. Starting to rant.

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