Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicken pies and children's books.

Today was nice.
In a paced-out, non-rushed way. Which was brilliant, especially knowing what I have tomorrow-

The little creature made this gorgeous batch of chocolates, of which I've had two. And my throat, it's just dying on me right now.
So not smart Charis.
Am tired as hell now, so it looks like I might just shift my run to tomorrow instead.
I'll try working out a bit to make my lazy self feel better.
At the same time, I kind of want a run.
But my eyes are freaking closing on my and me is TIRED.

bloody hell, I give up. Buttons looks too adorable curled up in my bed, I will just go take pictures of her instead. And sort out tomorrow's lessons.
I likey, I like the schools and the classes.
(omg she's freaking tucked herself in and curled up! I'm going to cry at the adorableness of this!)

Okay, going to shower.
And uhm, sort tomorrow out.
*straightens imaginary tie.

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