Tuesday, March 30, 2010

step by fuhreaking step

This morning, at four, having come home at three after a shoot, I had to fight the insane urge to scrub down my toilet.
It's a destress mechanism, and for someone who seems quite footloose these days, I actually ave a million and one things that need to be done.
I made the first step toward it though, by putting stuff on the TO DO list on my cell.

I had a rough couple of nights, working with a couple of people. Last night was good, it just ended late and I had to work this morning.
The night before was maddening though, and I got a grand total of two hours of sleep after crashing at Vicky's.

Buttons has gotten needier these days, I guess because I'm not around much. My room feels grossly unfamiliar, and I hate sitting around in it. But that will change because I am just getting so incredibly fed up, it's ridiculous.

The rain today, the alone time, the breathing by the window.
We always want life to be easier don't we? We're terrible.
It was good for me though, and I'll probably scoot out for a run.
Not before finishing things that just have to be finished though.

Something to add to the To Do list:
sort out body clock, it's going mad.

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