Saturday, January 26, 2008

here we go bitch

my blog's been identified as a potential spam what'sit soooo,
unless you're signed into your own account, you can't read.
not that you'd really want to go through all that trouble anyways.

well well, Thank God it's Friday!
Well, Saturday already judging by the time.
I've just started on my first assignment of the year meaning that it's due in two weeks.

In case you think that my school is incredibly slack and a complete breeze, you're completely and utterly wrong.
To start off with, I've to submit an essay with the use(and expansion of) generalization, which is one of my topics. Write an expository something or another about completely random topics all this, only based on what i can get by myself out of the textbook.

Apparently some aren't in the best of moods, giving me the first push for my emotional pendulum.

I'm desperate for my alone time now, Thank God for tomorrow.
No, really.

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