Sunday, January 20, 2008

in the stillness

in the stillness i just might find You.

You, who's caught my tears in painted bottles,
counted each drop and kept them on shelves.
And won't You free me, please.

From the world and its claws,
myself and my flaws.
Save me from the vines that wrap themselves round my throat, clutching desperately like i've clawed desperately at things i knew to be meaningless.

In the stillness i just might find You.
Find You to be waiting-
At the end of the tunnel, on the edge of the water,
where there is safety, while i stand unsteadily on this creaking bridge.
Waiting for me to come to You.

When i thought You'd left me,
You only ask why i didn't follow

In the stillness i know i'll find You.
Hands outstretched to take mine,
arms strong to provide
a security i've been desperate to find.

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