Wednesday, January 9, 2008

not my life, no

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This is so funny, especially since i carried my baby sister for the first time today.
She's very very tiny and a bit yellow. We've got the same tiny mouth and she's got the same hands that janice does- dad's.

Work was brilliant, my little girl is starting to speak bits of english and i am close to tears with joy.
Perhaps largely out of close comparison, i think the korean guy is improving on his spoken English too!
The only bad bits came right at the end, but i feel bad cos i suppose he does try- this particular student i mean.

But oh, what in the world would i have done without Enqing and his insane suggestions!
I seriously had to keep from laughing out loud in front of my student and in fact, had to stage a coughing fit to cover my laughter.
Our text went as follows:

Me: I got him to read a short story and asked him which character he likes, to which he replied,
"i don't like any"

Enqing: Omg. If it's me i'll say,
"well that's not the least suprising cos i don't like you too". Stares nonchalantly

Me: Omg! You're making me randomly laugh out loud in the class! hahahahahaha
He says he likes the magic bowl the most in the story. haha. How are you going to combat that my dear?

Enqing: Well tell him that you like the magic bowl too because you can toss him inside, have him turned into a lizard so that he'll crawl away and not annoy you :)

Me: You're absolutely insane! I have to pretend i'm coughing so he won't know i'm laughing at him!

it's still hilarious to think about now! Now you people know what teachers are doing when they glance below the table constantly. hahahah.

i've had this strangest feeling. I keep on thinking that tomorrow is Saturday. How awfully awfully strange.
My schedule these days are so clogged up, my days blended together so wonderfully that i'm so scared of mixing up my days and teaching the wrong things.

Tomorrow i've got a luncheon though, brilliant brilliant(:
Haven't had a proper luncheon for like forever. My third student has really been the most taxing, and he's just extended his course. Lucky lucky me.

I do really really want to help him though.
I want him to be able to leave my classes with something other than a shredded ego because i realize, i really am very harsh on him.
The other day i wrote out a list of pre-school words and made him pronounce them properly over and over and over again.


For a twenty-seven year old man, a pilot who's going on to be a pilot instructor, that pretty much throws your face out the window. haha, the pilot thing reminds me of the picture at the top of this post!
I digress! Sometimes i feel bad, sometimes i feel that it is what he gets for making me feel like curling up into a fat ball and crying.

Oh wells, c'est la vie.
If it helps anything at all, i'm reading a fantastic book and i can hardly put it down. I'm off to bathe, tuck myself in and read it, all in a little while.



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