Monday, March 24, 2008

For The Little Creature

I don't tell my baby sister often enough how much she means to me.
That even though she might be the grumpier of the two if us, and might not win the smiles of mommy's colleagues all the time, I'd still stand up and give them a reason for her pout/moodiness/leave-me-alone-ness.

I love how random she is, and how sweet she is without people actually realizing it.
For "the first half" of my birthday present, she gave me this adorable heart shape balloon outline with a black balloon which she "half-made" according to her. haha.
Perhaps i didn't talk about it or post pictures up, but it doesn't mean any less to me than all those other presents that i got.
Her thought always counts.

Like today, when I was half asleep, she asked if I'd like oreos cos slugs like me loooove oreos.
And by the time i woke up, she had oreos out for me and had even poured me a glass of milk which she left in the fridge.

I suppose with the very random hours that we get to spend together, we've ended up closer in a weird sort of way.
We might never ever be the"OMG LET'S GO FOR A MANI-PEDI TOGETHER!" kind of sisters, but we are very very much the "LET'S GO ON A SISTER-DATE AND THROW POPCORN AT COUPLES IN THE CINEMA!" kind.
Often strange and different, I could never ask for more.

Having the Little Creature as my sister is like, having a little brother minus the hair-pulling and corner-pissing, but plus the occasional hair-dyeing, arcade-gaming and lots of talk time (on my side) about relationships, their deterioration or the non-existence.
I might not talk to her about sex, or Ménage à trois or how much better girl-kisses are to boy-cooties!-kisses or even how some triangle-shaped dumpling people just REALLY need sex to get off someone's back. But i do have much more in-depth talks with her about reasons I might still be in love with someone who might not be right for me, or why i wouldn't be with someone else or how i can date someone so much older and find him as intelligent as the mentally-three-although-nineteen boys.

My relationship with my baby sister is something irreplaceable and in exchangeable.
She is my slug-friend, and my melt-into-the-couch-pal.
She will always always be my baby sister, no matter what.
Even with Abigayle's arrival and confidantes of sorts, the Little Creature is someone I would never be able to live without.
Whom i'd swap my life for, without hesitation, whom i'd throw flowers at in a random crowd, whom i'd scream at, shout at, spray water at and whom will never mean any less tome no matter what she does.

I've never told her how fucking proud of her I am.
How, if given the chance (and the courage, especially last year), i would scream "WO AI NI" and throw random undies on the stage as she collects her prize for best in English language/ Literature and whatever else that she's so brilliant at.

Thanks for being a wonderful baby sister.
I hope that we'll grow up and you'll spoil my kids, and i'll still yell at you but at the end of the day, we'll sit on the patio and eat brownies that you've secretly doped with cognac and drink milk that i've laced with Baileys. I hope you'll still be around to play sadistic jokes on my future other half and feed treats to my pets.
You're a fantastic baby sister and I know you'll be a fantastic Aunt/ power-woman in a power-suit/ career bitch/ journalist/photographer/imaginary drummer/ little creature (even in ten years!)

I love you, Little Creature.
With all the heart and soul that a spastic creature might hold((:

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