Monday, March 17, 2008

We're getting just that little bit closer to the end of my seventeen posts, aren't we?

such drama on my birthday!

On my way to the bus, i kinda clipped a lady(ie; knocked into her).
I apologized to her, was rushing for the bus and made my way up where she still stood outside screaming in mandarin.

Mommy apologized too until, after my angry mandarin screams, mommy yelled back at her saying that we've already apologized so shut up and give it a rest. (No she didn't really sound that bad)

Then the bus driver gave me flak because the ez link card scanner sensed my secondary school ez link card.

I honestly thought he was pretty damn brainless (or bored).
I mean, i've already scanned in using the correct card haven't i? And it's not like i was even trying to use my secondary school card in the first place, it just happened to be in my wallet.
Oh my word,
retard much!

He even said,
"I let you off this time"
Wow gee.
So incredibly grateful that you didn't take a card out of my wallet and retain it simply because it was in my possession when it was issued to me in the very first place.

sigh. why waste my time!

Oh look, isn't Paul such and absolute pretty boy!
I think soooo!

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