Monday, March 3, 2008

In the stillness, You are there

This cannot boil down to no more than coincidence-

Yesterday's sermon meant getting sufficient rest and resting in the Lord as part of guarding your heart.
I thought about alone time and quiet time which, was also mentioned and was also so that we'd just spend time hanging out with God.

This week's (or last week's it just might be,) devozine talks about the sounds of silence and the wonders it does for you.

I was just thinking about this as i fell asleep the other night whilst praying;
That sometimes we just keep asking for things in our prayer.
For help in our work or studies or to watch over people. And that's not wrong of course, far from it.
A speaker's words came back to me that night, basically pointing out that,
1) God is not a bubblegum machine
2) How in the world are you gonna hear Him when all you're doing is talking?

That became important to me.
And when i don't have anything to pray about doesn't mean i don't pray.
Prayer's kinda more like a two-way conversation sometimes. It would be something to laugh at wouldn't it? if we translate some of our prayers into say, a phone conversation.
i was really mad at my sister and she just drives me crazy sometimes though i'm glad You're around. also, help me set my priorities straight when it comes to work and studies.
BYE! (when we say Amen)
-hangs up the phone without ever getting a response.

it's funny isn't it? Not to mention strange, in any normal context. Yet i'm sure we all used to pray like that too.

i pretty much figured that, in prayer, sometimes i don't even need to say anything.
I guess that's why, when that question comes up, I'd say that i wouldn't ask for the gift of tongues.
Considering how much i already talk, i think it'd be just fine to shut up sometimes.

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