Friday, March 7, 2008

that's all

try as he might,
he's unable to speak
grabs her by the hair,
strokes her on the cheek

the bed is unmade,
like everything is
dark little heaven
at the top of the stairs

take me like that
ruin it all
then build it again
by the light in the hall

he drops to his knees
says please, my love please
i'll kill who you hate
take off that dress you won't freeze

One more night,
the end should be a good one
a good one

Goodbye, almost lover. haha
Left without saying goodbye, but then again, he came in without a proper hello.

Today was just fine, though incredibly tiring.
1) i finished writing a new song
2) shopped for a few baby pressies
3) lunched with victor
4) failed to find DNA magazine, which i supposedly am included in for the covershot. (no promises)
5) i learnt to belly dance
6) sorted out my outfits for tomorrow's filming
7) consistently gotten electricity zapped through me thanks to Heather. It's not stopping even now, mind you

I'm the main character for the short film we're shooting tomorrow. The script's pretty something, quite arty i'd say. I absolutely can't wait.

So tomorrow's day is going to be a 7 to 10 thing.
marvellous, hah

On a wayyy better note, i bought this superbly cute dress today. It's really really sweet. In fact, i was very tempted to buy the entire collection of about four or five designs but stopped myself in time. haha

I'm very happy today:D:D
but ought to be off to bed for tomorrow.

i had a fantastic dream last night.
vivid, warm and fuzzy. mmmmhmmm

that's all

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