Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a brewing storm

Is anyone going anywhere?

guess we're both holding on to fragments of a relationship that was once, but is now hitting the nonexistent- mark.

It's sad, really it is.

Knowing what we used to have only makes this hurt more right now. It would've been just fine if we never had anything to start off with. In that case, nothing would be missed.
Fortunately-or is it unfortunately now?- we had something. And what we had was special.
More than anything i could ask for, and what most teenagers knew existed.

Do all good things really have to come to an end?
We're supposed to be forever, you know.
There's no backing out.
I could try running as far away as humanly possible, and it wouldn't change jackshit. Because it's you and me, see.
Because, it's you and me.

I don't know how we ended up here, in this unfamiliar place.
Where we can't seem to sit in the same room together for more than fifteen minutes without hearing the brewing of a storm.

And why is that so?

Am i simply intolerant? Am i not understanding to this period in your life?
It always takes two to tango though, doesn't it?
Am i really, solely to blame?
For being crabby cos i don't really spend all that much time with you anymore, for being annoyed at the way i find myself grasping at random words to fill a silence which used to be comfortable?

How did i get so far away from you?
How did you get so far away from me?

It's really much like, i don't know you anymore.
This mystical being who arrives and disappears in clouds of smoke and leaves me wondering if, the seat beside me was ever really taken up at all.

the storm's not over yet.
It's barely even begun.

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