Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ikea shopping spree!

I miss my superb tan (not quite visible in the picture but was clear as hell in real life).
I miss Bali and having the world to laugh at. I miss beaches and midnight swims and lovely drinks charged to the room.

Well now,
have i kept you soaked in anticipation yet darlings?
I'm sure you're all just absolutely peeing in your knickers, dying to find out what i did yesterday!
(apologies. attempting to make myself feel better and failing. miserably. obviously.)

Yesterday, I picked Ikea because 1) I felt like it, 2) I didn't want the initial drive of room-cleanup to leave me with nothing done.

I prodded the Little Creature awake and we headed down to Ikea.

I bought this gorgeous gorgeous pine-wood chest of (three) drawers. It's utterly perfect, not to mention beautiful as well.
Of course.
And the best bit, was that I spent relatively little on it.
Okay, i'll admit. I spent really little on it considering the prices that've been thrown my way of recent.

I also bought myself a quilt, a wonderful matching quilt cover and pillowcase set as well as pillows to randomly design on.
All that, and a lot of walking around- which you must know for one like myself is therapeutic- and i left, a very happy little girl.

My seven to ten pm last night was then spent making absolutely sure that the neighbours hated my guts and were driven to strangle me with my own intestines.
I achieved this by putting my beloved, gorgeous smelling, pine-wood drawers together.
This involved screwing and slotting but above all, nailing.
Nailing twenty nails in, to be precise.

Yes, Charis Vera Ng did it aaaaaaaall by herself!
She fixed up her own chest of drawers. (Made it all the more perfect didn't I!)
My very perfect chest of drawers, in all its perfect height, now sits right in front of my television.

My arm ached like a bitch after all that work, but i tidied up some more, pushing furniture around and mopping the floor as well as the rest of the house.
This obviously further aggravated my aching arm and although i fell asleep happy and comfortable, i found myself in half-consciousness, reaching for the extra pillow to elevate my hand in the middle of the night.
That failed too, clearly, because at 5am I shuffled to mommy's room, crawled into her bed, quite close to tears. She attempted to massage me but kept dozing off, poor thing.
I gave up and decided on pain killers which i couldn't freaking find. So i popped in a couple of anti-hestimes which slows reactions or something. Whatever it was supposed to do or not do i don't know but i fell asleep and woke up feeling better though my left arm started to ache.

I love my new sheets, with it's gorgeous duvet and matching pillowcases.
Ever the OCD bitch, and with my superficiality constantly preceding me, this clearly makes me a very very happy girl.
Besides the fact that i fixed up my drawers all by myself with the nails (as OCD as OCD can get) completely aligned.
My pretty chest of drawers.
Staring at it now, i can barely remember it when it came to me in pieces for me to put together.
It'll probably look pretty damn normal to you but sorry darlin', this is one speseeoooh piece of furniture.

I also wanted to do major clean up so that post-surgery (i make it sound like a big thing but it's not.) i'll live in a nice comfortable environment with imaginary girlfriends feeding me soup.
Sad soul this girl is.

I need to put up my Princess net.
I put it up and it lasted me through the night but oh, lucky me, decided to fall and look messy when Enqing walked into my room with his uber high standards for clean rooms.

My floor feels nice and clean:D:D

My OCD's kicking in, i'm feeling grouchy that my floor cloth is out of line.

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