Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's have sex, and then what?

I wrote a song once. It was called,
Let's Have Sex and then What?

Throughout the song, though a tad bit stereotypical, my point was, what happens when it's all over?
When you've done the deed and smoked your cigarette,
you're going to climb out of my bed at four in the morning to go home, aren't you?

It's painful how girls fall for it all the time;
How we believe the "i love you"s and "yes, i'll love you in the morning"s.
Never got us anywhere did it?

I'm not talking about girls being okay with the emotionless sex (sexless-sex, i call it).
I'm talking about girls who still believe that surely males are not capable of going that low, saying such wonderful things just to get into your knickers.
I'm talking about girls who still hold onto the idea of sex-sex, albeit out of marriage.

I'm pulling out the plug of sex within the confines of marriage because this is a bit past that-

Someone told me that,
the key is precisely to have emotionless sex. Sex, without strings attached, because emotions screw everything up.

But I mean, seriously speaking, don't fuck buddies get a bit tired?
Knowing that, after all the body-shuddering, name-screaming, multiple-orgasmic 120 seconds, the person beside you is going to clean up, and head out the door? Possible snitching a tenner or two for the cab fare home?

It was one of the major reasons i didn't go on dating this particular girl. Even though she was really cute and hot and sweet, she was completely okay with continuing to sleep with this guy who, in my opinion, treated her like crap.
She was scarily used to him saying, "This has to be quick, i'm rushing back for a meeting."
She gave HIM excuses.
Maybe that scared me more.

How many sexless-sex nights can one go before starting to feel like a whore?
How can you fall in love, when you've downed an entire bottle of bourbon on the rocks and can barely see the face of the person you're making out with?
How can some of us be so stupid?

Vows of celibacy mean something to me.
while I might not be having mind-blowing, shoulder-biting, ass-whipping sex with a random person from Zimbabwe, I have this vague idea that I'm probably happier than you.

Amazing, or at least I think so.
I should've asked you, shouldn't I, back then?
Let's have sex, and then what?
I'd have liked to hear your reply, cos i don't really think you'd be jumping out of bed to make me coffee and breakfast.

I'd rather have a sexless life, than a sexless-sex life.
Maybe you'll scoff and say that I'll take all of this back when i'm having lots of sex with random people.
I AM human, but I'm keeping my damn vow of celibacy for a damn long time darlings.

wait for it, wait for it-

Today's speaker said that,
perhaps we think that we have an emotional need; Need for a companion (of sorts)
but maybe we'll find that, all we needed all this while, was a more intimate walk with God.


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