Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thou art a Banana Slug!

I am a Banana Slug.
I'm not kidding, this thing is really called a banana slug.
Go google it, it's freaking cute i swear.
They bite of each other's penises in a process called Apophallation. Sometimes, both of them (stupidly) do it at the same time, ending up with two very penisless slugs.
and get this,
Banana Slugs (or slugs in general, i'm guessing) have Sexual Conflict! *cue Ode to Joy music
Sexual Conflict includes the female being able to re-mate and wanting to do it with another male. Obviously because after chewing off her mate's penis he is now, redundant.

that sounded funny.

Obviously, ever-jealous males wouldn't want that.
Cos that means, more babies that might not be his!

This is what is says:

Males and females are constantly in an evolutionary arms race where males try to manipulate females into doing what they want them to do (for example, NOT mate with a new male) and females are constantly trying to prevent males from manipulating them. For example, some males form sperm plugs where their semen coagulates into a plug that prevents other male sperm from getting into the female reproductive tract. But, some tricky females will remove this plug and mate again!

This is so hilarious!
It sounds like humans!
ie; Except the other way round i suppose.
Usually the females are manipulative.

Women should really rule the world.

And we're smart too! Thus leaving most guys unable to remove their butt plug (human terms)

I really need to shut up, don't i?
I'll bet you are very very disturbed.

I'm rather annoyed with myself.
I often end up feeling undeniably sluggish and quite useless when i have days with too much space in them.
That's the major problem with having your days regularly packed back to back with stuff.

post all-nighter, i woke up feeling sluggish.
We had a lovely lunch at my favourite Sushi place- Ichiban Sushi/ Ichiban Boshi (there's not much diff)
I can't believe it you know. It's the only place that sells really good food at superbly decent prices. i quite objected to the idea of a friend referring to it as "Budget Sushi" once.
Food is food is food, full stop. (I can hear Enqing gasping and wailing out NOs in protest)
I've never been a huge fan of food, though i've a disgusting habit of like, eating little bits here and there throughout the day.
Back to point!
This particular sushi place is really nice, with decent food at decent prices. Makes for a spot on the favourite restaurant list.

Anyway, besides luncheon with the family, I'm back home, slugging around when i have at least two important places to go.
I want to crawl back into bed but would be too utterly disgusted with myself to do such a thing.

Okay, i'm going out.
Whether it's to Ikea or Wheelock. I think i'll pick the former.
Or wait.

Victor has managed to find an non-imaginary friend which in other words, means that besides the Little Creature, I have no one to go shopping with me.
Actually, the Little Creature's company doesn't seem all that bad.
Okay, i shall go wake her up from her nap!


Anonymous said...

hallo hallo hallo!!!

you are a suck

Anonymous said...

whoops i mean slug