Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My today berry nice, like strawberry like that

My cabbie asked me if I was a superstar, when I told him I was heading off for filming.
Then he decided, superstar or not, I was lucky and he was lucky to be driving me because (I swear he said this), the roads cleared out for me.
(okay, obviously not really)
But wow whee, there was absolutely no jam whatsoever. And everyone knows the insane jam, and especially at half past eight on the dot!
We had to come to a complete stop at two, maybe three traffic lights in total? And it was smooth driving/traffic all the way. Clear roads, you name it.
I was at Little India within ten-fifteen minutes.

So that was how my day started off.

I was late by half an hour (cos I decided to do my makeup first) but I was still the first actress on set.
And I was having a fantastic hair day, for some reason.
My hair was in such a good mood, that no matter how hard I tried to mess it up (for the scene), it just fell back down perfectly. And that SO does not happen to me on an everyday basis.
Of course, the fantastic hair changed after running around after 21 seven year olds. But that's another story.

I made it to work only fifteen minutes late, after forewarning them I'd be in an hour late.
So yay me again!
And today was also the last day of our three day Drama Programme at Catholic High.
very cute stuff!

To top off my brilliant, super nice, fantastic, qwarfudgeringly gorgeous day,
Victor came over to cook!
Pasta + mushrooms + yummy stuffs + mint chocolate (omg super nice- not that I've had it, considering my still-recovering throat. But it looks yummy and I can't wait! xoxo)
Mommy cut up beeeg beeg strawberries too! So we had that for dessert (cos I couldn't have chocolate anyway)

thank you for a super duperly nice dinner Victor! It was absolutely delish.
Icing atop my damn perfect cake!
You're the bestest!

ps: But i'm still the cutest!



bloody hell,
lame much.

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