Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Even D' Odds

Four days out of five, I'm up at half past eight with a nice cup of coffee and watching Primetime morning and nodding at number that I only pretend to understand.
On the fifth day, I'm dancing around with tiny little macmuffins!

So we've hit mid-week! But it sure doesn't feel like it in the least.
Maybe also because it's half past nine and I feel like having another poop.
Not that you really needed to know that.

I think my schedule's pretty relaxed so I'm really grateful.
Except that I don't put it to full use, much.

I really really have to finish a couple of assignments this week.
I highly doubt I'll be finishing public speaking within this month. dammit.
On a lighter note, I've managed to maintain my B-average with my arts!
yay me!

this is what I've reduced to, using students' group names as titles.
But it makes a good title!

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