Monday, February 9, 2009

Satisfy cravings for macmuffins: check!

So we've done a lot of talking and planning. Not down to the months and days and times, but guess-timations.

It's sort of weird, as I've always found it is, talking about the rest of your life in your dinky little kitchen which you haven't fully unpacked yet.

But it'll have to do, won't it?
Gosh, I cannot even imagine talking to my kids about the rest of their lives. Thank God that'll only come about like in a hundred years or so.

Anyhoos, it's the beginning of another week! The last one was extremely fun but very tiring and I found myself feeling very sorry for myself over the weekend, nursing headaches, nausea, fevers, and moodswings that had be crying on the sofa in my living room because TLC denied me spicy drumlets. (i know, right?)

So there is a whole bunch of stuff that I simply must get done today.
I've been talking about getting away, and this morning has been spent exclaiming and getting jittery at too-pricey and too-unbelievable prices with bird.

yay, away away!

Anyway, before I leave, I'll leave you with just a snippet of last week. Obviously, this was my favourite part of last week. We just got started on teaching CHIJ Kellock Primary one girls!

Me: Today, I am here to teach you girls drama!
(later on when my boss comes in...)
Girls: Miss C, who is that?
random girl 01: I think you're somebody's mother!
Nora: Really! Who's mother am I?
Random girl 02: I think you are Miss Clarice mother!
Nora: oh my gawd, nonononooo!


I'll be off!


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