Sunday, February 1, 2009

so that I can jot down happy times

Today I woke up and thought,
"Hey, I'm still alive." Then it became,
"Oh God, i'm still alive."

Okay, no it wasn't that bad.
I did a spot of tidying up, a small load of laundry, ate one proper meal but made up for that by going on a binge at Enqing's place.

Today was lovely.

So yes, I have noticed the drop in excited blogging. I've got heaps to say, and I think, "oh that is SO going on my blog" except it sort of never does.
Maybe because I really do believe that thinking it is all it takes for it to appear on my blog.
I thought we were synched, dammit!

So, eventful week it's been.
Next week's kicking in full force and I'll be lucky if I have time to breathe.
(okay I'll make sure I do. But I'll be dogwalking or swimming or generally avoiding secondary school children)

Here's joke of the week though:
Some of my students (from my favourite class) saw my scars.
"Miss C, what's that?"
"Oh, those are scars."
"Why do you have scars?"
"Because I used to be a cutter."
"What's a cutter? Cher, you emo ah?"
"No, of course not! Don't be silly, now if you'll just sit..."
"Cher, don't be emo okay?"

okayyyyy, awww.

you won't believe what I'm using as my daily planner this year! No, you really won't.

Here's a hint:
It looks like a school diary, and also looks a fuck load like PL's 2008 school diary.
No prize for winners.

nighty night

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