Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Enough of sappy movies for me!

But I must say, I do get quite a balance;
One day it's sappy movies and the next, I finish a book written by someone who was abused as a child and had a generally unhappy ending.

So I got my new year started with the beginning of this month(:
I had a lovely time to myself yesterday, which included me finishing an entire book within the day, as well as having a fantastically lovely swim.
Besides being just slightly freaked out that a client at my mom's work place was following me around, even though my mother was with me, I was in a lovely mood, and got much needed rest.
Aghast at my eyebags, I even slapped a couple of kiwi eye masks on.

It's another glorious day, with a terrible lot that I'm looking forward to, including my class this afternoon. (Though the hours seem to stretch one out successfully.)
I really ought to get my damned public speaking assignment over and done with though. HMM.

I also tidied up my knickers drawer!
They're arranged according to:
Tummy Tuckers, good-for-periods, boyshorts/girl-boxers, sleep-knickers (which are not as granny-panty-ish as you'd like to imagine), normal (which has two sub categories) and thongs (which has four sub categories)
Normal is split into lycra and pretty (which has like, a random I <3 ME pair of panties, among others) and thongs are split into
Not too comfy, Stringy, SUPER COMFY and thongs with that GORGEOUS lace band which mom just bought a couple more of for me yesterday :D The last category needs a couple more though!

Okay, that was a lovely, unneeded paragraph of information. But I'm rather pleased with myself.

Anyway, I'd best be off to Holland Village for more Me-time and errand-running.
Toodles oodles!

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