Saturday, February 28, 2009

i wub baby puddy tat!

So I've got a puddy tat, the most beautiful creature in the world.
Her name's Latte, because she's black (like black coffee) with swirls (yes i do mean swirls like someone painted her) of white (like cream).
She's about three and a half months old, at a guess, and she seems to have fallen in love with Justin, from what Vee's told me.

Yep, cos Vee's looking after my little girl this weekend.
I miss her already!):

Anyhoos, BKK in a couple of hours:D

PS: Thank you so so so SO SO much Vicky! I apologize in advance for the bending-over and possible poop-cleaning:/
I will bring you presents from my magical place, promise!
Love you to bits.

Four days three nights of shopping, eating and bumming around. What's not to love?((:

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E said...

Feels like you've disappeared. Wait, no. I just met you today! Haha damn............ We didnt get to see a certain someone.