Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I just watched my adorable little darling carefully lick her paws and put herself to sleep. She's such a big girl now, my wee one. All grown up):
If you saw her at the beginning, you really ought to see her now. haha.

So the week's been busy and today was a complete and utter nightmare.
I want to complain like crazy, but I've overdone it already. So I think I'll save it for a day or so and then tell it fresh. hahaha.
On a good note, turns out I'm not teaching six hours straight (trying to decide if it's better or worse, still) AND I found my black crayon eyeliner which mysteriously went missing on my flight back from LA six months ago. I KNOW RIGHT.
Popped out of nowhere.

My throat hurts so so so SO much right now.

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