Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's the last day of the month

And I'm feeling better, a wee bit fresher and smiley-er.

I'd best get back to my swim and kickboxing routine. Just because it's always made me feel good.
I feel very refreshed for some reason or other.
Maybe it's because I've started polishing my teeth and I am ridding myself of those godawful smoke stains/coffee stains/tea stains.

This week, my little girl's getting vaccinated, I'm dropping in to see my daddy and my baby sister (and everyone else, my gramps who're in town too), I'm grabbing dins with Vicky and catching up on twinnie time(:
Lovely! Everything's quite lovely!

Like how my little girl turns around and looks at me curiously with her huge green eyes but is clearly too lazy to do anymore than that.
Like how, although I was late, I finished early on my last day of shoot and managed to squeeze in a proper shower and drown-myself-in-glitter-time before heading to Marilyn's wedding.

Lots of people are seeing themselves a year older this month.
Starting with Vee's (and Ilona's too right?) which means Bird and I (the only non-birthday people) ought to throw our money together and just have a week-long blend of days and nights and booze and vomit.

Must also get off my fat, untanned ass and get started on my new modules. 2 modules per month! Talk about major mugging!
I'm putting a hold on the travelling because I have a crazy amount of shit to do (once it starts).
Shit that requires time-tables and discipline and lack of rest, but shit that NEEDS TO BE DONE.

But no one needs to worry about me. I'm so self-absorbed that I'll spend the weekend alone in JB just to scratch that travel-itch. Tee hee.
Oh yes, and I'm stocking up on Jodi Picoult books.
Ought to start throwing stuff out for sure though so that moving won't be such a bleeding pain.

I'm jittery about my life! yay!
(insert overused How Lovely-line)

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