Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My slightly different Tuesday mornings

So with the little ones stuck in Mid Years for the last couple of weeks, I've found myself incredibly free-ed up. I was quite unprepared for it actually, so I'm awfully sorry if I didn't bound up to you and go "HEY LET'S HANG OUT."
It's kinda been more like,
Mommy: baby, what's your schedule like?
Me: Busy, really busy. It's (insert random day of the week) isn't it? Oh God.
Mommy: Okay well what time's your first class?
Me: OH MY WORD! *sits up in bed* WHAT TIME'S MY FIRST CLASS?
Oh, hey wait. uhm. I don't think I've got a first class today after all.

The June hols are round the corner now, and that means...
Actually I'm not entirely sure what that means for me. Lots of sun and sea, preferably and a massive amount of catching up with studies.
Ugh, the streets will be an overwhelming mass of giggly excitable ones, trying on black eyeliner for the first time and trying not to stab themselves with it in the process. I might spend most of June studying indoors or playing chess or even monopoly deal.

this Tuesday morning, I went blading. Again. I've been blading for three days in a row now. hmm, I likey very much.

Ah! Fresh air, the wind in your hair and all that jazz.
This is where Mommy works actually. I love blading there because I love blading on roads, I can't quite stand pavements. And well, it's really safe. Especially in comparison with my 2am race through the empty streets only to be ambushed by sudden bouts of very-awake drivers shooting me dirty looks.

It was a gorgeous hour and a half today and I'm mighty pleased because I wandered into a new area which was quite scenic. So yes, I was a bit lost there, but I don't think it counts as getting lost if the route is scenic and you don't quite mind being in that area for a while more.

I'm heading off to Hong Kong this Thursday and I'm quite, quite excited about it.
I haven't fully made up my mind yet, in regards to a bbm conversation between Bird and I. It's tempting, and I cannot seem to just drop the idea as yet.

But anyhoos, Hong Kong this Thursday, so I'd best get to packing and such.
My room as well as for the trip. And possibly another trip.

My hair's a tad too light (in terms of colour) for my liking right now. Which is incredibly odd since I just went back to what I used last time, having liked it so much.
Mommy's friend figures it might be the change in skin colour.
I hope I don't look too odd now. Let's see what Jessie says tomorrow and if she'd like to fix it, she can be my guest. S'long as she doesn't plan on chopping off my hair, I'm good with whatever she'd like to do. I quite like this long hair thing going on.
Tania's hair length is a nice length. (:

I digress!
Although, I cannot quite remember from what, to begin with!
Oh this madness, haha.

Lunch will be with Diana in a half hour (uh oh. Charis, do something about your bloody time-keeping will you? Good Lord!)
and I'm quite looking forward to it. I've got a little something for her that I hope she'll like.

'til later darlings!

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