Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, for the love of hair!

SO around this time last year,
I liked how my hair looked very much. And random people would tell me my hair was nice^^
Which was kinda cool but then, even though I looooved it, I was also sorta bored.
And I hate that I always get super fidgety with my hair. I've never been able to sit still with it for ages. Even if I'm really happy with it, I'd have this urge to go do something with it.
And not just trim and wash it. Like do something with it.
It's awful.

So after my soft straight hair got boring,

and the pink faded out (this was me going to Tioman and not realizing that sun and sea would damage fantastically back-breaking hairdye jobs!) -
The Little Creature said she liked the idea of curls with fringe.

I like fringe, I do.
But curls. hmm.
I've always had slightly wavy hair which I'd ALWAYS wanted to be straight.
But well, I was dying for a change and The Little Creature's idea didn't seem half bad.

I decided to make this deliberate effort to look Chinky.

So I dyed my hair black and went to Jessie's in September!

Where I got curls to complete my chinky look.
I didn't really mind it, once it softened and weighed itself out a bit.

And my hair being my hair, it's super thick so I didn't have to put up with tiny tight curls for like, forever. Thank God.

So by year end, my hair weighed out and kinda looked like this

And then January came rolling around,
bringing friends from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall over the place and resulting in a super messed up body alarm for the next few months(:

So my hair has her moods, clearly.
These next two pictures were taken a couple of days apart from each other.

My hair in this one's semi-straight.
Just kinda wavy, y'know.
And then a few days later it's looking like this.

I've never minded my hair this entire time that it's been growing out though.
I guess it's because it's not too boring.
She has her moods and I'm generally okay with putting up with her moods.

That and I guess I really have been super busy.

Since that hair perm back in September, I haven't been to Jessie's at aaaaaaaaall.
And my hair grew and grew, dead/dying bits and all.

I went by today.
Just for a trim and a wash basically.

But Jessie did a bit of layering.
She's and Samsul are the only people in the world I'd trust with my hair. They're the only ones who can tell me to close my eyes and wait for the surprise and I'd just completely trust them and leave my hair in their hands. hahaha.

Jessie's mighty pleased at the length, and I am just comfy with what I have.
So here's me, from this afternoon (excuse the need for camwhoring!)

you likey?

Do I look all fresh and bouncy and ready to promote the next bottle of shampoo you chuck at me?!

I likey. I likey a lot.

Okay, I'm frikking falling asleep here. It's terrible.
I haven't packed for Hong Kong but I somehow thought it important to sit down and type to you about how my hair has changed in the last year or so.

Charis, are you fer rel! ugh.

I will end the ditzy talk now and do something constructive.

g'night furry kitties!


E said...

this is what i call... being bias. dont think idk you purposely dyed yr hair just before leaving for hk tsk tsk tsk sneaky

Charis Vera said...

what in the woooorld! you are maaad! haha I've been wanting to dye it for ages except Victor's always too busy! rawr!
and when someone was dying her hair (uh huhh uhh hhuhh, right before melb, coincidentally!) she didn't ask if i'd like to do it with her too! HMPH