Thursday, May 13, 2010

The orange glow out of tiny windows

Quiet nights like these,
they remind me of San Francisco.

With its chilly winter air, my freezing hands stuffed into my Berkeley sweatshirt,
and alternating between smoking cognac cigar-ettes and the pack of marlbaro ice I'd brought over from Singapore.
The calm and peace, settled over the city,
"Happy New Year!" being called out randomly by strangers and us yelling back in response.
Hot chocolate and asking to sit outside, when it was just, absolutely freezing out.

The feel of sitting outside the hotel, by myself, taking in everything, in all its brilliance.

Every night should be like the ones you gave me, or at least close to.

I will go to sleep tonight,
and have Soon After Christmas playing on repeat.

and in the quiet shadows of the early morn,
wake to find us tangled, laced,
and the sound of your sleepy smile as i run my nose down your jawline.

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