Wednesday, May 26, 2010

some of the things that made me smile this wednesday

okay so this just made me frikkin' laugh out loud today.
like, what in the world!

I woke up thinking to myself,
"I deserve to do something for me!" So, having not gotten over my taste for HK-nomnoms (when will I ever, really?), I decided to go steam myself some s (i think that's the word for it). Some custard-y bao thing basically. And yes, I didn't chuck it into the microwave even though that would've taken one-eighth of the time and been infinitely easier.
Charis Vera Ng does not do things by half, she'll have you know!

Sooo I properly steamed my little custard baos.
During which,
I received a phonecall.

and that phonecall pretty much just made the rest of my day(:

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