Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One of those off days

Irvine, December 2008
110mm film

I feel quite out of sorts today.
Like I've spent the (few) hours that I've been awake wading around in quicksand or something of the like. My thoughts are a murky mess, my body lethargic, my mood swinging in random directions being anything from irritable to just-about-ready-to-cry.

It's actually quite bizarre.
So much so that I even found myself having to take a deep breath and tell myself, "You're an actress Charis, dinner won't even be a sitch!" and then I skipped along, beaming.
That sort of ran out on me a few minutes in and I found myself actively declining to join mommy and her friends for dinner.




The family and I ordered Dominoes for dins, opened up a bottle of beer and sat down to watch Sword in the Stone.
My word, the memories came rushing back at me and I was just in absolute hysterics over the silliest things.
It was fantastically lovely and such a simple, simple thing, it cheered me right up.

I'm doing a lot better now,
a lot more smiley and texting a very cute girl who's out of town at the moment.

And I find myself thinking,
I quite like evenings like this(:

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