Thursday, May 6, 2010

week-long goodbye

and I am happy, excited, jittery at the prospect of all the new things you will get to feel and experience for yourself. I want to hear all about it, see pictures, know that you are enjoying yourself.

But all the same,
how do I watch you pick up your bags and walk through those glass doors-
when you have made up half of my time spent in Singapore,
when you have made up the entire space of time in this country when I was actually happy,
when you have always just been seconds away from me at every single turn and corner and bump in the road?

You've made up so much of my life.
I wanted to say you've made up so much of my life here, except I realized that more than that, you really have made up so much of my life.
The crying, the learning, the failings, the fall-outs, the picking up, the letting down, the firsts, the lasts- you have been there, even without realizing it.
And it's unfathomable right now, picturing days we won't spend poking around the cereal section in grocery stores, or hearing you be a massive baby now and then, or even hearing you laugh like mad.

Mostly, I am happy and excited for you. Truly, I am.
And I know for sure we'll see each other again, we will.
But I guess, right now I'm kind of just stuck on missing you a bit, and I'm sorry I'm being such a sap.

In any case,
breathe in the fresh air of new life, take pictures and write.
Most of all, be happy.
Please, please, be happy.

I love you so incredibly much, and I hope you have a swell time, and that you get where you need to be.
Look after yourself, and know that we're just a phonecall away. Always.
I will stop being sappy now, because you're going to have so much fun!
And I am excited for you(:

Besides, we've got the summer of 2011, our names spraypainted all over it.
And we, all four of us, we'll take it by storm.

and we're grounded because of each other, even though we might not be rooted to a single place

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