Monday, February 18, 2008

camwhoring and a million other pieces of flying shit

Okay, there's a few random pictures coming up.
All mostly unrelated to each other.

The camwhore inside came out for well, just a bit.
This is on the day of the actual Chingay

Everyone knows how i absolutely hate cockroaches, and this man is not far off.
mommy and i spotted him on the bus, very proud of his feelers (from what you can see in the picture). He kept on touching them to make sure they hadn't fallen off.

I, felt like throwing up.

Me, Chantelle and Fairli during one of our rehearsals at People's Association.
It's a shame Fairli couldn't make it for the end product cos she's like super pretty.
I had a bad hair cut there, shut up. I did it myself.


I can't remember the last time i was taken ill.
But i do remember having this sick-taste in my mouth. You know, the taste that kinda makes you know you're falling ill.
I remember being kissed and, right after, being called up and told to take panadol cos "I tasted sick."
I remember thinking it was the sweetest thing.

I remember the first Valentine's Day i spent with someone.
But of course, i never told him that I'd never been taken out on Valentine's Day before. At least, i don't think I did. That would have been a tad loserish now wouldn't it?
I remember being given a single blue rose, and, having a visitor the following day because I was ill and missed school.

Yes, i do wonder.

Well, this is my dinky little update.
Chingay's been and gone. I had absolutely no rest the entire week, save a really nice and quiet Valentine's Day.
Retards stressed me out and yes, even on the actual day itself, managed to screw up.
The week building up was a mad rush and the one day that i had off, was spent working.

At the last minute, Shilpee sprained her ankle and Nicolette got dengue. Poor things.
We then had to rope in people at the last minute and pray really hard that they'd get pull through.

The actual day of Chingay, I cancelled all appointments and the idea of sleeping in and came down at half past nine for makeup.
I woke up with a bad throat, trying to cough out phlegm that wasn't really there.
My fever started while I was sitting, freezing, reading my book.

Gave in, took a couple of panadols and felt a bit better.
Did the show and went out for drinks with Charyle at Clarke Quay.
I'll put up pictures when i get them((:

Today i missed church and stayed home, fighting demons, sleeping, and drinking soup.

The sick taste is back, i should go to sleep.
I've got filming again tomorrow, right before writer's group.


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