Monday, February 25, 2008

Special Secret Place

I have a special secret place.
Beautiful, tranquil and nothing less that perfect, it is an imagery in my mind and yet so incredibly vivid that i can feel the temperature each time i am there.

It is all white, and there are no walls, except a small corner where i usually find myself when I've arrived, finding myself too dirty and insignificant to be there. I'm always in rags, and younger than i am. Eventually, i always find myself crawling into the lap, seated upon the throne and everytime, I am overwhelmed with such a sense of security and safety.

I have a special secret place.
Significant only to me, untouched and unknown to the world, until today.
I come here at my lowest and at my highest,
at the peak of depression or euphoria.

Sometimes when i'm there, a rush of images come with.
Images i've seen before;
My own baby hand against my Father's,
dreams with faceless people but where i finally recognize them.

I have a special secret place,
where no one can go but me.
And it is amidst everyday chaos that i can slip into my special secret place,
and just,

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