Friday, February 1, 2008

Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah

The lovely irony that stares you right in the face from page one is that Hurting Distance is actually no distance at all.

What is absolutely amazing about this book, is that, while you're reading and focusing and absorbing the wonderful storyline and fantastic plot (rape, attempted murder, missing persons, unsolved cases), at the back of your mind is a constant ringing with every single unwritten word that whispers its meanings in between each and every line.

Going doubly deep into the book, you find yourself raking up settled emotions from long ago. Sure, you might not necessarily have been raped or married your rapist's brother without realizing it, but you realize there is so much more to what you're reading.
Something, scarily enough, that you can find yourself identifying with.

When you come to bits of the book where you're actually crying at the absurdity and betrayal of everything, that's when you realize that the author, in all her brilliance, has gotten you exactly where she wants you.

Within Hurting Distance-

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