Saturday, February 2, 2008


There's this one person i vaguely know.
And she is the most narcissistic, self-absorbed, clueless, tacky, immature girl i've ever known. She beats Paris Hilton hands down and makes Michael Jackson seem humble and harmless.

She's like the girl in the picture. Except, she wouldn't simply be kissing herself, she'd be full on making on and fucking her own reflection.

It's so strange.
You think you know someone and it turns out you don't. (i'm not saying it in a wise sort of way, i'm stating it quite literally)
She is so self - absorbed that she's swimming in her own intestines and coming out of her very own asshole and still doesn't even know it. The wonderfully sad thing is that, she truly does believe in her popularity and that she is held in a special, albeit plastic, chair and risen high above the rest. She truly believes she and her "clique" have attained social status in a tiny location in the world where most believe it to still be an imaginary island. She whole heartedly believes that she is of celebrity status, with her name in flashing lights that shine off her fake green/blue/purple/non-brown eyes.

It's sad in some ways, the non-existent, skin deep stuff that she chooses to believe whole heartedly in. Along with a hedonistic lifestyle which she denies she lives.

Check Spelling Here love, this is you-

You've fallen in love so many times when maybe, the only person (or thing) you've been in love with all this while is yourself. Yes sweetie, you know that fuzzy thing in the water? The one whom you keep hitting on, trying to get its number? Don't fuck it now, oh look, you just did and you're drowning. But hey, you look happy because you don't even know.

Ignorance is not bliss.
You are strange and disturbing.

A close friend and i update ourselves once in a while, not because we're interested, but more to get a laugh. How sad is that?
She's more entertaining than Wendy Cheng herself because she says it with as much (if not more) confidence than Wendy Cheng, declaring her celebrity status and how people love reading her magical blog when in realistic, sad contrast, people might love reading her blog, but only to laugh.

She fancies herself a good writer; That she is sharp and witty with powderfool powerful vocabulary. Instead, her writing serves as fantastic practice for me to mark bad essays.
Constant repetition of words, reuse of phrases, just to mention a few. Quotes she believe to be of substance but are not quite what we line the kitties' litter box with, the list can (and will, one day) go on.

But what stopped it being a joke, was something she said, or rather, wrote.
She probably wouldn't understand because she can barely understand her own language, due to minimal brain capacity (since the other half is filled with longing for her ALONE TIME).

What she said was, long story short, a passing, very brief comment on someone. Someone who'd done a favour and been nothing but nice.
In return, her words were condescending, laced with superiority and non-existent knowledge of professionalism. It reeked of distasteful, half hearted thanks and empty words of 'love'.

That really took the biscuit i suppose.
And i got annoyed.

After a while, it just wasn't funny anymore.
Just sad and strange, not to mention, terribly disturbing.

Dear you,
friend, aquaintance, person i knew once upon a time,
i hope you drown in your own stomach fluid.
But then again, there wouldn't be life's wonderful entertainment.

So don't.
Carry on, ranting about a boring life which consists of superficial nothingness that no one really wants to hear.
Because, failing all, we love laughing.


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