Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leap of Love

Janice tells me that all my model friends have really cool names like
Danielle(in the shiny pink top, far left) and Charyle (top right hand corner, beside me. pronounced cherry-al).
Anyway, the only guy (as usual) in the middle, is Fizzy, one of the most awesomest designers evereverever in my opinion. Especially when he's lumped into the same catergory as N and L who can't really design or who design stuff which curls in random places when it wasn't meant to be like that.

Okay, sorry, random picture and stuffs underneath.

I went for the premiere last night and it was just fantabulous.

It's a really really sweet, beautiful love story which i'm an absolute sucker for.
I'll admit it, i didn't have very high expectations because it's, well, locally produced. But i sweaaaaar, it's the most beautiful local thing i've seen.
Way better than lets see, Just Follow Law (because i've an adverse reaction to singlish), though even THAT show was one of the good ones.

Okay if you know me, you'll know i'm an absolute sucker for good storylines, lovely acting, good english and fab music. So if i say something is good, believe me, it's good. Cos i'm totally disgustingly anal.

I'd give this show a four and a half out of five! i sweeeaaaar.

Okay, to be fair, i'll touch on the bad bits. The only bad bits were the ones with the daughter. The main character's daughter that is. It doesn't take up a lot of the film, but i just thought her acting wasn't fabulous though she's easy on the eyes. On top of that, (you know this is something that irks me no end) her accent was rather faked. Faked with it being a tad obvious that it was, well, faked.
She was a bit of a ruiner but it didn't throw the entire show out the window.

Lilin's acting was really really good, and everyone else's too of course. I guess her accent switched around a bit, but it wasn't very bad.
Mommy was fantastic(:

Okay i know you won't believe me, but i'm not being biased.
Usually I kinda cringe when i see her on local tv playing those super auntyaunty roles with gross put on singlish (i think i'm falling into that trap too). But she was really good in this one, very much like, well, real life.
She speaks in cantonese most of the time, so it's nice hearing her.

Okay, so now i've just given you one more reason to watch the show.
ANOTHER REASON is that the music was beautiful.
I'm an absolute sucker for nice soft music and looooove Corinne May. Well, i'll leave you to guess then.

Vern's playing a lesbian in the show, HOWEVER it wasn't played up, which i thought was a shame. Nonetheless, we've to remember the country we're in. Acting was really cute though.
Paula and Nadia were really amazing too and they're both like, super hot in real life.
Nadia's pregnant with baby number 3 now, and it's cute seeing her all skinny and flat in the show and she comes out SO pregnant now. hahaha.

Paula kinda reminds me of Carla actually. It's funny, maybe we won't be that far off soon. hahaha

i need to shut up and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

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