Friday, February 1, 2008

Today was quite well spent, i'd say.

After lessons, i had a bit of time to myself. I also managed to get to the bank and sort out stuff, more or less beating the crowd.
Bit more alone time before meeting up with Fairli. I've managed to rope her in for modelling. (I know you knew it would happen sooner or later cos she's so uber pretty!)
All's well in that area.
I managed to get precious fashion tape at the last minute for any dress problems we might have.
'Tis a good thing, that.

i've wasted half my life net surfing though.

mommy wants me to tidy up my room for new year's. But that's a tad impossible because if my retard of an aircon.
you won't believe it but, i really do hate my room being so messy.
it used to be so clean.
and i just tidied it up again recently.
Then my aircon decided to be a bitch on heat.

today was still good though(:
i need to shop but i need to save at the same time. hmm

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