Saturday, August 9, 2008

back, from outer space

The family's back from Batam.

It was my first time there, and I highly doubt I'm gonna go back there again.
It's fine, I mean, just not. well.
I don't know how to put it really. haha

The executive suite we got was fantastic.
Clearly, I wasn't in a take-photos-for-blog-posts mood, and so you won't have a blow by blow account.
Sorry love.

Anyhoos, lovely suite, bathtubs in both bathrooms, huge bed which ALL THREE OF US could fit on comfortably and, the cherry atop a pretty cake,
CABLE! - much to Janice's delight.

Strange though.
Always figured that Batam would be for like, major shopping.
But we didn't do any of it at all.
The saddest thing is,
we went to malls!

I mean, you know me, right?
As long as I'm anywhere near shops, my bank account drains itself!
Not this time honey!

Wandered around and there really wasn't much.

I DID want to buy myself this awesomely cute ukelele.
IT WAS PINK, and very very adorable.
But i figured, I probably wouldn't use it for anything more than a dust collector.
Though it was a tempting idea to use it as a reason to pick up the instrument.

Other than that, there was this reeeeeeeaaaaaally cute guitar which I wanted to buy Victor.
One of those oddly shaped ones that are crazily priced.
But i didn't bring my wallet out and they only came in bright blue, green and red which made it look more like a toy than anything.

besides strange-flavoured Lays (Enqing you've got one too, after your lychee lays! hahaha)
there was not much else which I bought.


We did all go for a hair treatment + hair wash thing though :D:D
Which also means my hair looks super duper nice right now.

Which also means,
I'm off for dinner at Grapevine! ((:

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