Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A random picture post with long overdue pictures

In no order whatsoever:

This is Buttons. She curled up beside me and freaking draped her arm over mine.

Victor took this with one of Alastair's cameras. I likeeee.

Some photoshoot I did a million years ago for DNA magazine
My latest addition (until tomorrow at half past six-ilicious!)

I camwhored at one point in time (contrary to popular belief, I don't usually do that. I swear to God)
I camwhored because I was changing my haaaaaair!
byebye pink streak that didn't stay very long):


Janice has a mohawk man.
And my hair now looks the same as when this picture was taken.

Dinner with Victor! (that's how bored he looks when he hangs out with me)
Abigayle, my baby sister, on a completely different day.
By the way, she is about to become an older sister!
Yeahppp, that's right folks. I am Da Jie x3!

MOMMY LOOKS DAMN CUTE! Except my hair looks better than hers.
Okay, not really. Her blue is still visible, after what, four months?
Nong Nong time ago.
But the hair's pretty much the same.

So a litter of kitties have become Homer's next door neighbour for a while now.
This is one of them, at the top of the door, trying to get away (and getting stuck in the grill)
Sunset at my place-

So a while back, I had a ten day free spa trial (worth $700 or smth!) and it was faaaaab.
It was called Willowstream, a Fairmont spa. Located inside Fairmont Hotel.
They had lovely steambaths, saunas, warm jacuzzis, and a cold plunge.
They even had a rest-area. Because you know, getting your nails done, facials, hopping in and out of steambaths, they all get pretty tiring.
So you're allowed to nap here for as long as you freaking want!

yeaaaaaaaaaahhh. Loved it while it lasted. It was second home for nearly two weeks):

Below: kitty cat I wanted to adopt but smelt of pee and kept scratching me!

TLC's idea of art.

My baby likes to sleep!
sometimes in the nooks of my table as I work
Sometimes behind the telly in my room

sometimes on top of the cooler box, in the storeroom, 5cm from the ceiling. When she wakes up, she starts crying cos she doesn't know how to come down.

good times, good times

Translation: This will happen to your penis if you smoke too much.
We saw it in Taiwan.

Orkeh Dorkeh.
I am doing serious procrastination right now. I did my first Chhem assignment in fifteen minutes, and I've taken like, a week or something for my second one.

Well, hope this fulfilled your pic-cravings. Because I realized, I hardly ever upload pics((:

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