Thursday, June 4, 2009


Introducing Maxi, secretary to the Mayor.
And tie-tyer of course (Although Aarika took over halfway)
Dom, scriptwriter and director. Fantastically patient and understanding.
Lulu, who makes me squeal when the cold metal of the mic slides down my back.

A very bored Maxi.

The bricklayer and the precious, precious fruit.

This is what I get paid to do: file my nails incessantly, start bitch fights with both the Bricklayer and the Accountant, and smile really hard when the camera swings my way.

So, Safeville's a computer game, a Ministry of Defence thing, done for Junior College and Tertiary Students.
Players log on and automatically assume the role of the Mayor. They get to make all the major decisions which result in consequent scenes and me either asking you out to dinner or throwing a temper at you.

There's a lot more pictures that don't have me in them. Most of them don't have me actually, but I'm lazy to put them up:D

Was great fun working with this bunch of people who are all artistically inclined in some way or another. (No, seriously, the one playing the Doctor juggles being a mother of three and a singing coach!) Some of us have full time jobs that require looking at numbers and some of us don't.
But all of us had fun all the same(:

And to the people who still have to continue working on this baby,
Kudos to you guys!


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