Thursday, June 4, 2009

Since no one else is blogging,

Everyone's too lazy to blog)):

So it's baby's Vaccination today. Once again, no one at Homer's place is picking up the phone, officially changing my previously set schedule.
I hate it when this happens. I'm going to freaking tell them in advance the days that I'll be coming over.

I'm supposed to be heading out with Bird tonight but I don't know, I think I'll stay in with my baby.
You know, I'm going to make a conscious effort to NOT sound like Buttons is a live, kicking, squealing baby (although she behaves it most of the time). Because it's sort of unfair on the mothers of real babies who kick and scream and wail every five seconds.


Tomorrow's busy busy. Well, sort of.
I get to catch up with my Twin!((:
And have dinner out.

So anyways, you know how I decided against learning how to drive/ ride a motorbike because I felt it was a waste of my time since i won't get to drive around a lot in Singapore. And I didn't want to fork out the money and etc.
Basically I had a WHOLE bunch of reasons to keep me from learning to drive even though I've been bent on it since I was eight.
So anyhoos, after Daddy opened his car door yesterday and beamed at me for getting comfy and (looking like I was) driving a Lexus, he launched into how I ought to get my license. So I said he should totally pay for me to do it. hahahaha.
Especially since like, the only time I'd be able to drive is if we rent a car or I knock over some random bloke and steal his car. Which has been a huge factor in me not picking up driving.

So daddy and I made a deal.
When I get my next A, he's putting me through driving lessons.

I'm happy today.
For the first time in FOREVER, I yanked myself out of bed at half past eight and sat down for Primetime Morning. Steven and Suzanne should totally host it as much as they possibly can, because I find that when that other woman with the weird mouth does it, i mysteriously am only able to get up at half past ten.

I did a spot of shopping yesterday(:
OMG I LOVE SHOPPING! And do you know what I love most about shopping? When I buy a whole bunch of stuff and do my mental calculations and then, when the bill's round up on the till, it turns out that THERE'S A DISCOUNT!

I haven't shopped in absolute ages. Okay, well, I have. New collars for Buttons, soft food, treats, a new baby rattle (it's damn cute, it's in the shape of a squishy dice!)
Stuff like that.
No new shoes/clothes/make up for like, half a million years. I did get the new Neutrogena Wave though. It IS pretty good, except at the back of my mind, I've got this worry that it'll be one of those things that I stop using after a while and leave it to grow mould in my bathroom until we move out and I think, "Oh I should totally start using this again! I'm sure mould provides nutrients, albeit a different sort, for my face!"

I haven't shopped in soooo long. So I get these crazy thrills when I buy quite a few things. Like I bought myself new soap the other day. And a bunch of shavers. Yes, that is how sad I've become.
And yesterday was a lovely spot of shopping. Although none of it was for me. hahaha.

I feel like doing more shopping. hmm. (omg, the first thing I thought of when I typed that out was all the nearby petshops to buy stuff for Buttons.)
Lord help me!

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