Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things that cause nosebleeds

I'm done with Mommy's blog(:
Go have a look-see:D:D

So I had an audition today. Well, just a couple of stills more like.
Was okay.

Saw pics of drink-night on Monday. I wish I went! I was home at like, ten! I could've gone, but I don't know why I felt like curling up and sleeping.
This sucks.

I've got new body soap that smells deeeeeelicious(:
And my subjects have been uploaded already. Fantastic.
So I'll be getting started on English Compositions and, get this, Math. Yeap. I figured I might as well get it over and done with.

I have not done Math in freaking forever. It's so scary because I feel pretty damn rusty.
The only mathematics I do these days consists of calculating how much those gorgeous, to-die-for boots at Aldo cost after 70% off. (Usually still about two hundred bucks) Or like, my kids and their grades. hahaha.

Ooooh, scary much, but have to get down to it!

I am SUCH an incredibly happy girl today.
I've been looking ALL OVER SINGAPORE, I kid you not, I swear I'm not exaggerating, ALL OVER SINGAPORE, for this particular book. I've gone into countless Popular bookstores until I figured I could get them to check the Island-Wide System, it took me popping into a few Times bookshops too.
So anyway, I spent today calling up MPH, Borders and Times. (I was done with Popular. groan)
Would you believe it? ALL THE BOOKSHOPS ACROSS THE ISLAND (I digress: I like referring to Singapore as an Island. It suddenly sounds super awesome and makes me feel like I'm on holiday! Back to point!) HAVE RUN OUT OF STOCK.
It was so impossible and I felt like keeling over and dying, I swear.
It seemed that my only way of getting that book was via Ebay. And I couldn't be sure of the condition. You know how incredibly picky I am.

Then, one of the lovely ladies I called up at Times had a brilliant idea of calling up the newest branch they had (TM 1) in case their stock of books wasn't in their system.
The moment she rang me back, I became theeee happiest girl in the world.

I was so flabbergasted at the fact that this book is out of stock all over Singapore. It's not the latest Twilight book or Jodi Picoult, you know.
The latest print was 1991 I think.


I don't have nosebleeds but my nose is bleeding like fuck.
Not like, bleeding out all over my clean jammies. But like, when I blow my nose, all that comes out is blood.

I get to see my baby sister!

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