Tuesday, April 21, 2009


ahmahgad! Trend alert!

1) everyone's wedding ring is gold! whyy!

2) everyone's coming up with super super pretty names for their babies!
Like regan, raphael, chloevelle, lovelle, shannon, caden, damien.

The simplest baby names I've seen are
Alfie, Chloe and Dawn.
And beside Valentino and Ashton that's superrr simple. hahaha

Oh noooo, I'm so doing the whole difficult-to-spell-and-pronounce-name thing for my babies!

Clearly I'm running out of things to talk about.
Well, not really. I wanted to point out what I just pointed out.

Other than that. I've finished (am finishing) my second assignment in two days. But I cannot get over how bloody unmotivated I get when I do badly.
I got a B on this assignment, and 85% and I'm so incredibly upset. I starting sniffing and tearing up. And then I got pissed off at all the seemingly redundant thing that I'm studying in my last two chapters. It's driving me insane.

I jumped back to my A grade for my second last assignment, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't too cocky while doing this one. I checked and rechecked before submitting it.
When I got the grade back just now, I was awfully tempted on shooting an email to the school and claiming I'd submitted the wrong answer sheet. But then i went back to my questions to attempt to identify any careless mistakes that I might change, and although I've got two or three questions I'm not sure of, I can't say for certain that I know the right answer to the rest of them.

My point is, I don't know where I've gone wrong. So I have to sit back and freaking accept my bloody lousy grade and learn from it.
It's so infuriating. It took me two whole assignments to jump back to my A and now I've dropped and it's a B! not even a B+

I know right, since when did Charis Vera give two hoots about grades.
But i don't knowwww.
One tiny part is actually the OCD.
They don't match very much do they? Don't look very nice or pattern-y.
Of course I'm just being stupid.
A major part is that, I've had a B- for all my other subs, and I just would really like to do better than that. You can get into a university as long as you pass all your modules, which means getting a C and above. But of course, what kind of university is a different matter.

I know I might not do that fantastically for my other subjects and i just feel like it's one subject that I might be able to do well in. And right now, a B looks disgusting. It really really does.
It looks so freaking horrible and I'm so unmotivated to finish off my assignment.
And after stuffing my face with ice-cream i haven't felt any better in the least.

Oh Jeebus,
I might as well right?
It's all of ten questions or something loserly like that.
I really hope I get an A or at least an A- for this one.
I feel like jumping out my window.

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